Field Sparrow twitch in Colwood!

This bird was found today by visiting Washington State birders Andy and Ellen Stepniewski. The bird was at Esquimalt Lagoon in Colwood, BC on Vancouver Island. This bird moved fast and jumped around like a little mouse. He was not easy to photograph during my visit (hence my record shot) but I sure was happy to see him. This bird unfortunately had 2 ticks on the left side of his face which you cannot see in this photo. Many are wondering if this is the same bird seen recently in Neah Bay, WA. This is the second time BC birders got to see BC's second record of a bird after missing the single observer sighting the year before. Recently the same thing happened with a Lucy's Warbler.

Field Sparrow in Colwood - Photo: Melissa Hafting

You can read more about this sighting at my other blog the BC RBA HERE


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