A grouse big day with 44 Grouse of 4 different species!

Liron and I did a Grouse Big Day today we got 16 Sooty Grouse in Manning Park and 12 Ruffed Grouse in Merritt (5 being on the road to Peter Hope Lake and the rest on two Forest Service Roads out of Merritt on our way home!). We got 15 Dusky Grouse including one beautiful displaying (late for season) Male Dusky Grouse on the same forest service road!. Liron got some great photos of him and all the grouse. I got some great Sooty shots especially of one little sooty chick who was so curious he walked right up to me with his head cocked, so close I could touch him! We got 4 Spruce Grouse (a female with chicks) on the Forest Service Road from Merritt! Total count for the day was 44 grouse!!! I've never seen so many grouse in one day in my life!

We drove from Vancouver to Manning Park to Princeton to Merritt and then to Boston Bar and back to Vancouver! A long but great and successful day. 

Male Sooty Grouse at Manning Park - Photo: Melissa Hafting

Female Spruce Grouse in Boston Bar - Photo: Melissa Hafting


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