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A Day with a Loon and Rusty Blackbird


Rock Sandpiper Time!

For Ilya's birthday present I promised I would take him to Sechel to see the Rock Sandpipers and shorebirds. We were so busy so didn't get there until months after his birthday but sure glad we made it.We have always wanted to get good shots of Rock Sandpipers and it is hard to do anywhere but we tried our luck in a more reliable spot. Rock Sandpipers rarely come into the Vancouver area but are sometimes seen at Klootchman and Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver. I met up with Arnold Skei who was birding the area and we went on his property to bird. We birded and had a delicious fish and chips lunch in Gibsons and then went back when the tide was low and like a miracle it was full of shorebirds.

Arnold screamed to us from his property that he had a Rock Sandpiper we got to him but at that time he had lost it and it had flown across the channel. We walked around as it was too deep to cross and were greeted by Surfbirds, Black Turnstones and Black Oystercatchers. There was no sig…