Come with me to Nome!

Chris Charlesworth has asked me to lead a trip for Avocet Tours to Nome in 2020 and 2021. Since I love Nome so much I had to say yes! Of all the places I have birded none were as cool (Well maybe that will change after my Ecuador trip). There really is “no place like Nome” as corny as that may sound.

The trip is June 3-10, 2020 and is 6500$ Cad per person everything is included except airfare. Ilya Povalyaev will be the second guide as well since we have so many participants.

Already 20 people have emailed Chris to tell him they are interested and want on. So it’s now time to secure your spot it will be first come first served!

Whoever can’t come on this trip due to availability will have first dibs on thee 2021 tour!

All details with itinerary and species list and how to book are HERE

Email me at or Chris Charlesworth at with any questions!

You can read my trip report from 2017 HERE

Hope to see you in Nome!

Bluethroat in Nome - Photo: Melissa Hafting 


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