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8 Days of Rarities in Arizona!

Ilya and I went down for eight days to Southeastern Arizona, it was one rarity and fun-filled trip.
Day 1, we went to Encanto Park and picked up the Rosy-faced Lovebirds and then went to Tonopah, where we found multiple nesting Black-tailed Gnatcatchers, some Brewer's Sparrows, Verdins, a Horned Lark and one very accommodating Bendire's Thrasher with 2 Crissal Thrashers. There was unfortunately no sign of a Le Conte's Thrasher. This is usually the best spot in the state for this species.

On Day 2 we went to Mt Lemmon where we went to Rose Canyon Lake and had Virginia's, Olive, Grace's, Red-facedWarblers and Plumbeous Vireos... just to name a few!.

We finished the night at Madera Canyon where we stayed at Kubo B&B. I highly recommend the quaint cabins there which puts you direct into the bird action by both day and night.
We did some owling and nightjaring and got good views of an Elf Owl. We also had a Northern Pygmy-owl, Whiskered Screech and Grear Horned Owl. We …